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This is your own personal betting portfolio.

The ATS ONE team wants to help you assemble a sports betting portfolio like you've never known. But this is so much more than a subscription to selections. ATS ONE is the direct line to your personal consultant who provides you with customized betting opportunities tailored to your specific financial goals.


With the addition of a current and active line originator, along with the acquisition of a network of insiders who supplied invaluable information to a top betting syndicate, combined with our highly skilled team of ATS experts from the Lock Club, we fully expect this season to generate the most profitable in our 25 year history.



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Our job here at is to get you the best information each and every day. Now I don't claim we win every week but we win most weeks and our system has returned tens of millions to our clients each and every year.

Check out these documented results from our Football program:

  • Football Lock Club wins in 13 of the last 16 weeks
  • WON the NFL Playoff Lock of the Year: Pittsburgh (+2) vs Kansas City 18-16
  • WON the Bowl Lock of the Year: Kansas St. (+3.5) vs Texas A&M 33-28
  • WON the NFL Lock of the Month for December: Cincinnati (-5) vs Cleveland 23-10
  • WON the 2016 Platinum Lock of the Year: Colorado (-15.5) vs AZ 49-24
  • WON the College Football Lock of the Month for November: Alabama (-7) vs LSU 10-0
  • WON the 2016 College Lock of the Year: Auburn (-4.5) vs Ole Miss 40-29
  • Won the 2016 College Football Underdog Lock of the Year UConn (+20) vs South Florida 27-42
  • Platinum Locks of the Month Swept for October: Virginia Tech (+1.5) vs UNC 34-3 WON and Dallas (+2.5) vs Cincinnati 28-14 WON
  • Won the NFL Lock of the Month for October (Lock Club ONE) Pittsburgh -3.5 vs KC, 43-14
  • WON the 2016 College Football Smash of the Year: Colorado (+1.5) vs Stanford 10-5
  • Won the SNF Mega Play of the Month OVER 48 Pitt/KC 43-14
  • Won the MNF Bookie Blast GOM OVER 53.5 Atlanta/NO, 45-32
  • Won the SNF Platinum Parlay of the Month Parlay Dallas/OVER
  • Won the SNF Game of the Month New England +9.5, 23-21
  • Won the 2016 Preseason Lock of the Year NY Jets (+2.5) vs NY Giants 20-21
  • Last season we opened up the year on fire winning in 12 of the first 17 weeks including one 8 week stretch of winning nearly 100 units.
  • Overall last season we dominated the top plays going 7-3 on Lock of the Year releases highlighted by winning the College and Underdog Locks of the Year.
  • Won an average of over 225 units the last 25 years.

Special discounts are now available for the ATS ONE (Lock Clubs)! The bottom line is that you receive Lock Club selections each day with our exclusive money-management ratings and you can get the best price right now. Call for more details at 1-800-772-1287.

ATS Insider's Club

When choosing a sports consulting firm, would you base your preference on somebody who handicaps games by looking at old stats and trends or one that can look into the future by knowing the present?Insiders Club

If handicapping games with stats and trends were that easy, Las Vegas would go broke. But it’s not that easy. Vegas and offshore sportsbooks make billions a year off bettors who lose from season to season. To ensure our clients not only win but stay with us year after year, sport after sport, ATS Consultants spares no expense to out-spend, out-work and out-smart every firm in the business to provide you with the finest picks. Our ATS Insider's Club is a great example of a program that has survived for over two decades, winning nearly 65.1% of the games released in all sports.

Whatever level of player you are, the ATS Insider's Club is a great program that will suit your needs as a player. You’ll receive 2-4 selections each night, depending on the sport. We offer the ATS Insider's Club in all sports including football (college and pro included), basketball (college and pro included), the WNBA, CFL, WNBA, NHL, baseball and arena football.

Each game is unit-rated under our money management system, with games rated from 2 units through the strongest play (5 units). The ATS Insider's Club also comes with a guarantee for those who join the Full-Season Program: If you do not show a profit by the end of the season with the selections and unit-ratings received, the cost of the program will be funded to you in full.

When you join an ATS Full-Season ATS Insider's Club program, you’ll also receive FREE gifts including a full-season subscription to the award-winning ATS Weekly Blitz (available online only), and a subscription to the ATS Official Football Rotation Schedule (available online only).

Picks will be available through a toll free number (1-800-772-1287), via email, text or online ( at least four hours before the game goes off.

For additional details, to ask any questions you have, or to enroll, please call 1-800-772-1287 or click HERE to purchase online.

ATS Horse Racing

Wouldn’t you like to win $5,100 with just a few $50 bets? If so, our Horse Lock Club is where you want to be – RIGHT NOW!ATS Horse Racing

And best of all with horse racing - unlike sports - the profit margin is a lot wider. When investing 5 units into a race- the return could be 25, 50 even 100 units instead of getting back 5 when winning a sports wager. That’s the beauty of playing the ponies. Your ROI is limitless. And right now there couldn’t be a better time to play.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to know anything about horse racing to profit from it – that’s why you pay us, we’re the experts. There’s 4 reasons why we are the best:

* The best information in North America
* World class handicappers
* Deep penetrating connections
* Expert money management

We will walk you through each race, every day with our unique wagering strategies and money management ratings. All you need to do is to contact us each morning by phone or a computer, place your wagers and watch the money roll in. It’s that simple. Really, it is. All you have to do is take the first step and call us today at 1-800-772-1287 to learn more about current options and discounts.